The Emotions of Poker


By Robert Wiechmann
Hey everybody, I know it’s been quite a while since we last delved into the poker world but today let’s talk about what an emotional roller coaster the game can be.  Growing up I always enjoyed playing games, whether it was sports, board games, card games, video games, you name it.  Sports is probably my first love, but unfortunately some of us realize early in life that we will need to exercise our competitive nature elsewhere.   While games of chance when you have a bit of a gambling spirit are fun, I also enjoyed trying to solve strategic games, like Clue, Risk or even Monopoly.  As an adult I gravitated to poker because it combines all the things I like, competition, strategy and of course a gambling spirit. As poker players, we can all quote the 1998 movie Rounders by heart, and although a little outdated, one of the great quotes is “Some professional poker players won’t play no limit, they just can’t handle the swings”.  Although most poker is all played no limit now, the swings are hard to deal with.  Poker is probably one of the only games where you can play flawlessly and lose, and play terrible and win big.  This plays havoc with your emotions and confidence because you can get coolered, and rack your brain about how you could have folded or get it in bad, suck out and think you’re the greatest because you won.  Some days I feel like I can beat the world, while other days I feel like I’m never going to win another pot again.  The minutia of whether to fold, bet, or raise is of course the crux of poker but to me the hardest part of the game is trying to remain level headed whether winning or losing.  Trying not to get too excited when you come home flush with cash or trying not to beat yourself up when going through downswings are to me the hardest part of this game to solve.

As a local Las Vegan, we welcome the NFR back to our fair city again.  To all those poker players out there this means a lot of people in town with money to spend.  So keep those emotions in check and get that $.




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