Millennials Need to Know: Timmy Lupus


– by Robert “Umberto” Wiechmann

Hello everyone. A couple of weeks ago before our weekly VSP podcast, I was poking fun at our youngest member Cornbread Dave for only having seen the Billy Bob Thornton version of The Bad News Bears. As I was pointing out that this was not the ACTUAL movie, this spurned an idea that I have valuable information that needs to be spread amongst the Millennial generation out there. First of all lets all get one thing straight Billy Bob Thornton is not the star of The Bad News Bears, and while we’re on topic, Jaden Smith is not The Karate Kid but I digress.

If you consider yourself a sports fan, especially the great sport of baseball, do yourself a favor and immediately see the 1976 classic, “The Bad News Bears,” starring Walter Matthau. Let me further clarify for you millennials. When you download or iTunes or however you obtain movies nowadays, make sure it is the uncut original and NOT some edited ABC Family version. I know what you’re thinking, and YES there were movies and sports before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Smartphones and whatever other gadgets you now use to disconnect with other human beings.

This brings us to our baseball icon Timmy Lupus. He was described by teammate Tanner Boyle as a “booger eating moron” while colorfully describing all the ethnically diverse members of the team along with Timmy.

I think a lot of us can relate to the great Timmy Lupus. He loved sports and wanted to be involved, but was shy and lets just say not incredibly athletically gifted. Timmy was picked on, harassed, and ridiculed, but still just wanted to play baseball as long as he could stay on the bench. When Timmy’s time comes and he is forced to play in the late innings of the all important final game against the rival Yankees, he comes through for the team and earns the respect of Tanner and his fellow misfit Bears.

Now all of you millennials out there know who Timmy Lupus, and I can only hope a statue to Timmy will be erected at the Valley Little League Field.




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