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Monday night’s football game between the Carolina Panthers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a primetime game played at a not so primetime level.  Tampa Bay eventually won 17-14 after missing a total of three field goals; all three by 2nd round draft pick Roberto Aguayo.  Carolina on the other hand had their chances to win the football game but back up quarterback Ryan Anderson made some bone headed decisions that ultimately cost the Panthers the football game.  Needless to say although Monday night’s game was competitive, it was not aesthetically pleasing.  In fact, if you were not a hardcore Panther’s fan or a diehard Buc’s fan, you probably tuned into the Presidential debate.  Which let me tell you, wasn’t to aesthetically pleasing either.  Yet despite the sloppy play from both sides on Monday night, and competing against the presidential candidates, I was locked into the NFL! You know why? Because of fantasy football! Fantasy football saved the day for me and I am sure many others across the country.  Not only did I have daily fantasy lineups with players playing in Monday night’s game but I had season long fantasy lineups coming down to the wire.  Which made every last second for Monday night’s game interesting to me, and this isn’t a new phenomenon by the way.

Sports gambling has been creating drama in games that lacked drama for years.  Now though, sports gambling in my opinion has been surpassed by fantasy sports and the daily aspect of them.  Fantasy sports has created the ultimate drama on every play, even watching to see if your player comes off the field in between plays.  Watching so intensely that you are now aware of where your player is lined up in the formation and you get excited when the quarterback literally looks your player’s way.  I don’t know about you but simply laying money down on the outcome of the game never made me watch so closely before.  Especially on games like Monday nights, a casual NFL fan with no fantasy football interest or gambling interest does not stay tuned for post weekend play.  Not even if they are a Panthers or Buc’s fan.  Monday night’s game was saved by fantasy football and won’t be the last NFL game saved by fantasy sports.

By J.J. Sargent
VSP Guest Contributor




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