Don’t give up, Don’t ever give up!?!


by Robert “Umberto” Wiechman

Welcome back to my tales from the felt. Since the WSOP has ended and we all await for November 9th to play out, I’ve gone back to the local cash game scene. Today I have borrowed a line from the legendary Jim Valvano (millennials just google it) to highlight some of my recent sessions. I was playing 1-2nl session at Mandalay Bay and bought in for the max of $300. I started off poorly and within the first hour I was stuck about $160. In the past when I have gotten down I probably didn’t make the right decisions and found myself playing hands I should be folding out of frustration or the urge “to get even”. However, I have learned from past mistakes to stick to the game plan, play good hands in position and resist the urge to play speculative hands especially out of position. This brings me to an interesting hand that I played.

First let me say Mandalay plays a lot differently than the Red Rock or locals casino because there are more tourists and conventioneers that are more willing to splash their chips around. This hand came up when we were playing short handed. I had just successfully raised pre flop and doubled barrelled a board I didn’t connect with to get my stack back to $170. Then the under the gun player raised to $7. This gentleman was one of those guys who was definitely playing a wider range and had been playing some big pots. Now it gets interesting because the guy next to him folds but accidentally exposes the K of diamonds. After two calls, I look down and see QJ of diamonds. Since I am out of position, and a card that could help me had been exposed I decided to just call and see a flop instead of reraising and trying to take the pot down right there. The flop was K1010 all different suits, no diamonds. The K is interesting since I know one K is already dead. The original raiser bet $15, the other 2 players folded and I casually called with my straight draw, planning to bluff the turn or river if I missed since its unlikely he has a K or a 10. However, bingo the 9 of diamonds fell on the turn and he led out for $25. I decided to put in a decent sized raise to $75 since I knew this guy would call pretty liberally. However, he insta went all in and I called, he showed A10 and my hand held up to double me up, get me unstuck and I went on to record a $300 winning session.

I also had a similar session at Red Rock recently so the moral of the story is don’t get discouraged when you find yourself down, stick to your game plan and wait for a good spot instead of getting tilty and getting yourself into more trouble. Good Luck everyone at the tables and get that $.




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