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by Robert “Umberto” Weichmann

Welcome back everybody to my tales from the felt. Over the past week I decided to take a break from the smoky brick and mortar casinos and test my talents again on the virtual felt of Luckily as a resident of the great state of NV, I have the opportunity to stay home, fire up the computer and play real money poker. Hopefully, one day politicians will legalize online poker nationally but lets save that rant for another day. There are many advantages to playing online, of course it goes without saying at the top of that list is playing in your underwear on the couch while watching Sportscenter. Ok Ok, probably t.m.i. but I haven’t tried playing in my underwear at Mandalay Bay but I’m guessing its probably frowned upon.

I really enjoy because it allows me to choose exactly what game I want to play. We have plenty of options for poker in all of our great casinos here in Vegas but the smallest no-limit game you can play is $1-2. Online I can play .25-.50 or .50-$1. I can play 6 handed or full ring, so the options are great and as mentioned earlier the comfort level of being in your own home is priceless. The keys to online are similar and different to brick and mortar. Even though you can usually find me (rewiech) playing lower stakes online than live you still need to have the patience to play good hands and play your position. The different things to look out for though are not physical tells obviously but I recognize many of the same screen names and get to learn their tendencies, so when they alter the time it takes them to bet or their bet sizes you can pick up on the strength or weakness of their hand and play accordingly. Another great advantage is being able to logon and off whenever you choose and for whatever duration of time you choose.

With all that being said I still prefer to play live but with all of our busy schedules, coming home and firing up the old laptop to get your poker fix is quite enjoyable as well. Not to mention, it can also be profitable in your spare time, as I have grinded out about a $400 profit this week putting in about 8 hours of virtual felt time. I hope everybody is enjoying their Labor Day weekend and whether you decide to play live on online, good luck everybody and get that $.




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