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What would happen if we had a 16 team College Football Playoff?

21 Dec 2016 0 comments

Bowl season has begun, and here at VSP we got off to a good start by covering the Las Vegas Bowl between ...

VSP Podcast – 12/14: Las Vegas Bowl 2016, NFL Week 15 picks, & more!

15 Dec 2016 0 comments

The second to last VSP Podcast of 2016! The guys discuss UNLV Basketball, 25th Annual Las Vegas Bowl, NFL...

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Fantasy Save

VSP Inbox15 Oct 20160 comments

Monday night’s football game between the Carolina Panthers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a primetime...

Remember Baseball Cards?

VSP Inbox05 Oct 20150 comments

by Robert "Umberto" Wiechmann Oh Millennials, with your smartphones, social media, Google and all othe...

As A Dolphins Fan, “Let Brady Play!”

bshaw13 Aug 20150 comments

Roger Goodell and the NFL need to immediately reinstate Tom Brady, and save their resources for something...

Millennials Need to Know: Timmy Lupus

bshaw16 Jul 20150 comments

- by Robert "Umberto" Wiechmann Hello everyone. A couple of weeks ago before our weekly VSP podcast, I...

Debate of the Century: Chicken or Egg

bshaw13 Apr 20150 comments

The other day when Cornbread Dave and I were discussing the famous chicken vs the egg debate, I quickly m...



ACC Basketball-Myth Busted!
23 Mar 20170 comments


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