Bad Judgement


By Robert Wiechmann – Welcome back everybody to my tales from the felt. As poker players we all love winning of course but today let’s talk about that taboo subject, losing. In the movie Rounders there is a scene where KGB says to Mike “Bad judgement, you must be kicking yourself for not leaving when you could”. We all know Mike eventually gets the best of Teddy “KGB” in the end but the real world usually doesn’t end as well.

This anecdote brings me to a recent session in the dog eat dog world of 1-2 nl holdem. I was coming off a very successful session and my confidence was high when I was seated at a short handed game while the 2 main games were a full 9 handed. I was eager to get a seat at one of these games as the action at my short handed table was tight and was very boring. However, being aggressive preflop and postflop against this table was profitable and I had chopped out about a $60 profit. Finally a seat opened up and I immediately jumped to the new game, this was mistake number 1. Why move when I’m being successful against weaker players. The game I was moved from, filled up not 10 minutes after I left and I let my impatience that day get the best of me.

This brings me to mistake number 2, failing to make adjustments. I continued my aggressive preflop play with hands like AK and JJ but I was getting many more calls then at the previous table. Now I was forced to play bigger pots when I didn’t connect. I should have recognized the much looser play and tried to get cheaper flops and wait to connect, then be aggressive. Mistake number 3 was not listening to my instincts. After raising a pot preflop with JJ, another player behind me reraised the minimum, of course I was right to call but I told myself do not continue unless I flop a J. The flop came 10 high rainbow and I didn’t listen to myself and ended up getting my stack in vs AA.

I made a number of mistakes this day that turned a potentially profitable day into a losing session. I didn’t get unlucky or coolered, It was my own poor judgement. The great thing about sessions like this one is that we can learn and try not to make these same mistakes in the future. Until then get that $.




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